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19th January 2017
England: The Department for Education pulls the plug on the Year 3 phonics screening check after the pilot in 300 schools
3rd February 2017
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Thinkreadtweet’s post is a MUST read: ‘Looking Past the Masks’

This post by ‘thinkreadtweet’ is SO important and there’s absolutely no point in me writing something similar for my blog. You will find there are quite a few educational bloggers, literacy trainers/consultants and programme authors, who are well aware of one another’s work, who support one another collegially via Twitter or by other means. Yes, this is a field that needs collaboration. We can make our individual contributions to the reading debate but it is the collective picture which is so sorely needed to persuade others, including teacher-educators, the teaching profession, the general public and the politicians, that we have a  problem with regard to reading instruction and intervention – as I am highlighting in my posts.

So please read this to see an example of the plight of huge numbers of learners going through our educational system:

Looking Past the Masks

Do you know of learners who fit this description? I certainly do.

Only this week I have been contacted by different teachers, tutors and teaching assistants describing cases just like this and they feel utterly despairing as their feedback and protests to colleagues fall on deaf ears.

We need people with authority to address this, now, for it should not continue – we now truly know better (through a body of international research findings and leading-edge practices) – but sadly not everyone does and there are too many vested interests in sticking with the old ways.