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2nd December 2020
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3rd December 2020
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Alphabet Tabletop Chart (A4 – pack 10)

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Alphabet Tabletop Chart
A4 350gsm laminated card.

Durable and double-sided tabletop Alphabet Chart to teach and support letter formation of capital and lower case letter shapes correctly positioned on writing lines.

Linking letter formation to the ‘sounds’ (not letter ‘names’ at first) supports learning the code as a phonics sub-skill for both reading and spelling.

Children see capital letters in books, environmental print and at the beginning of their own names. They need to know that lower case letters and capital letters are both code for the same sounds.

Note: Teach letter ‘names’, however, when introducing the alphabet and alphabetical order, not when learning about the alphabetic code for reading and spelling. (See our Alphabetic Code Charts HERE).

  1. Say the sounds of the capital and lower case letters that are known.
  2. Sing or chant the letter names in alphabetical order.
  3. Finger-trace inside the hollow letters to learn or show letter formation.
  4. Say the key picture-word for each capital and lower case letter pair.
  5. Learn that some letters are described as ‘vowel letters’ and some letters are ‘consonant letters’. This is not the same as vowel and consonant ‘sounds’. Refer to an Alphabetic Code Chart to teach and learn about the letters and letter groups that are code for the vowel sounds and consonant sounds.

Teachers need to distinguish the differences, and different roles, of the alphabetic code and the alphabet.