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Debbie receives many requests to recommend tutors able to provide systematic synthetic phonics lessons in the UK and around the world.

Private tutors who have completed Debbie’s Phonics Training Online course can request to be listed on this page. Please note that we cannot vouch for the tutors’ experience and/or ability – and that any arrangements should be based on following your own due diligence as to their suitability.

Debbie highly recommends that learners’ parents or carers are always present during ‘lessons’ provided by tutors – and that certain qualifications and safeguarding may be necessary depending on your country’s requirements.

Tutors – to request to be added to this page, please complete our Tutors Registration Form.


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Mahrukh Ahmed

Karachi Sindh Pakistan
Photo of Mahrukh Ahmed

Biographical Info

Mahrukh Ahmed is an experienced teacher, a tutor and a phonics trainer. She is able to provide full training in the same synthetic phonics teaching principles which underpin the British Government’s new guidance and the Phonics International programme.

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