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Debbie receives many requests to recommend tutors able to provide systematic synthetic phonics lessons in the UK and around the world.

Private tutors who have completed Debbie’s Phonics Training Online course can request to be listed on this page. Please note that we cannot vouch for the tutors’ experience and/or ability – and that any arrangements should be based on following your own due diligence as to their suitability.

Debbie highly recommends that learners’ parents or carers are always present during ‘lessons’ provided by tutors – and that certain qualifications and safeguarding may be necessary depending on your country’s requirements.

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Mr Phal Chanpheakdey

Phnom Penh Pursat Cambodia Phone: 098881287 Website:
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Biographical Info

Graduating with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in Economics from the University of Cambodia in 2013, I have worked extensively with primary aged children and adults in both nongovernmental organizations and private schools. I also enjoyed my role as a teacher of English and I so enjoyed teaching Phonics that I have completed Debbie’s Phonics Training Online course.

Phonics International is the best program for me to teach pupils to blend to read and segment the sounds to write words. The Phonics International program is a must program for early age as well as for the adult learners because it helps the learners to learn the phonemes and the graphemes that we, the English learners, have to know in order to read and spell.

In Cambodia, English is the supplement language for the school curriculum, for communication and for job opportunities but we still use the old methods to teach our students. Since I have used the Phonics International program, my students can learn better and faster. They don’t need to memorize the words anymore but they can blend to read new words. I would recommend this program to any new learners, and also teachers who want to improve their English teaching skills.

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