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Debbie receives many requests to recommend tutors able to provide systematic synthetic phonics lessons in the UK and around the world.

Private tutors who have completed Debbie’s Phonics Training Online course can request to be listed on this page. Please note that we cannot vouch for the tutors’ experience and/or ability – and that any arrangements should be based on following your own due diligence as to their suitability.

Debbie highly recommends that learners’ parents or carers are always present during ‘lessons’ provided by tutors – and that certain qualifications and safeguarding may be necessary depending on your country’s requirements.

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Steve Mol

Manila National Capital Region Philippines Skype: TheSteveMol Website: Fluentify Website: italki
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Biographical Info

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I am a native speaker of what is commonly referred to as “American Standard English.”  This is the same dialect that was, for many decades, the dialect that all professionals in radio and television were required to use when “on air.”  (Yes, I have been a radio and television announcer.)

I now live in the Philippines, and specialize in tutoring learners who are not native English speakers.  Using Phonics International materials (which I have “Americanized”), along with hundreds of lessons in English grammar, I have been teaching thousands of 30 minute sessions helping people not only speak English more fluently, but also understand spoken English more easily.

Here are a couple of unsolicited comments from current students:

“Steve leads you in the deeper secrets of [phonics]: you do very simple and elementary exercises and suddenly realize that you can understand spoken English at a higher level. And your English is different (and better) as well, of course… An interesting no-stress but effective method taught by a brilliant teacher. Recommended!”

— Mattia R.

“Just what I was looking for. A structured method to learn to be fluent in spoken American English. Steve is very professional and he has a lot of experience in teaching the ‘sound’ of English.”

— Cristiano S.

I am generally available from 7:00AM to 10:00PM CET.

Learners can book me via the links provided above.


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