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  • No Nonsense Phonics Skills – Box Set (Starter Kit)

    £295.00 plus VAT (if applicable)


    Debbie Hepplewhite’s No Nonsense Phonics Skills Box Set includes the complete range of nine Pupil Books in sets of six copies of each book, one copy each of the nine Teacher Books, six copies of a tabletop Alphabetic Code Chart and a wide range of additional complementary material and video footage provided through a USB stick.

    The programme is suitable from beginner infants (4+) and beyond infants (primary) – according to the needs of the learners.

    The Box Set provides an ideal pick-up-and-go range of practical material for trialling the No Nonsense Phonics Skills programme from the perspective of the teacher, any other supporting adults, the learners – and learners’ parents and carers.