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Giant Alphabetic Code Classroom Chart (Pull-Up or Hang-Down)

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Classroom sized, plasticised Alphabetic Code Charts are available to purchase as ‘pull-up’ charts (‘banners’) or ‘hang-down’ charts (with ‘eyelets’).

The Alphabetic Code Charts show the phonemes, or sounds, in slash marks with easy-to-use lettering – red lettering to denote vowel sounds and blue lettering to denote the consonant sounds.

The graphemes (letters and letter groups) that are code for the sounds, are shown separately in large-scale black lettering and the graphemes are also shown in printed word examples with accompanying pictures.

The latest version of our giant Alphabetic Code Chart caters for all Debbie’s programmes with an updated ‘Key’ indicating the progression of introducing the letter/s-sound correspondences in Phonics International (for all ages, pdfs provided online), the No Nonsense Phonics Skills series of 9 Pupil Books and 9 Teacher Books (Raintree Publishing), the ‘Series of 8 eBooks’ (Phonics International) provided as PDFs and the Wand Phonics digital, editable, interactive systematic synthetic phonics programme (Wand Education).

Colour bands below the grapheme boxes indicate the order and grouping/organisation of Debbie’s phonics programmes – however, even if schools do not use Debbie’s programmes, the colour-banding serves to ‘break-up’ the large number of graphemes to help to make them distinguishable – see, for example, the pink banding that distinguishes the ‘soft c’ and ‘soft g’ graphemes. We also provide a free online audio version of this chart to support training, teaching, learning and informing parents and carers about the sounds and spelling system of the English language:

Key Features

    • Spring loaded roll-up single-sided*
    • Silver anodised aluminium casing and folding feet*
    • Complete with carry case*
    • Complete hardware made using fully recyclable aluminium*
    • 3 part ‘bungee pole’*
    • Banner material Graphic size: 2000mm (H) x 800/850mm (W)

* for Pull-Up chart with mechanism

Note re ‘Economy Model v Budget Model’: We have attempted to source the most economical supplier for our charts to keep costs as low as possible for tight school budgets, but please note the following:
If the Pull-Up model of our chart is to be constantly ‘pulled-up’, moved around and put away, then we’d recommend the ‘Budget’ version as opposed to the ‘Economy’ version. Whilst the ‘Economy’ model is perfectly suited for a more-or-less static display, the mechanism and construction quality is not as robust as the ‘Budget’ model. The graphic canvas on which the chart is printed is identical with all models. Our manufacturers will guarantee the ‘Budget’ model for 6 months, whereas the ‘Economy’ model (designed for ‘short-term-use’) is only guaranteed against ‘first-use’ failure.

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