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29th November 2016
No Nonsense Phonics Skills – Pupil Book 9 (Pack of 6)
29th November 2016
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No Nonsense Phonics Skills – Pupil Book 8 (Pack of 6)

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Pupil Book 8 introduces the letter/s-sound correspondences as shown on the front cover via Multi-skills Activities pages. The learner applies and extends phonics code knowledge, handwriting and new vocabulary, whilst developing language comprehension, via 9 Mini Story pages.

There are many reading, writing, spelling and talking routines to revisit, practise, apply, extend, discuss, illustrate, embed and assess the knowledge and understanding of new alphabetic code, vocabulary, concepts and spelling word banks. (Click on title or picture for a full product description)



Inside front cover pages of Book 8:

The Alphabetic Code – Building Up the Sounds and Graphemes chart with adult guidance ‘post-its’ about the alphabetic code introduced, plus full description of ‘The complexities of the English Alphabetic Code

Say the Sounds page consisting of all previous correspondences introduced to revise at the beginning of every lesson

Spelling Word Banks: for extra Alphabetic Code – ‘Sounds and graphemes introduced incidentally with some word examples’ [additional chart to address wider reading and writing experiences in the curriculum]

‘Core’ Multi-skills Activities pages for every letter/s-sound correspondence introduced systematically in Books 1 to 8 (these alternate with the Mini Story pages):

Phonemic awareness, letter formation, oral segmenting, encoding and decoding are featured throughout Books 1 to 8. In Book 9, the Multi-skills Activities pages are replaced with featured Spelling Word Banks (for example: ‘Same grapheme, different sounds’; ‘Same sound, different graphemes’)

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In Book 8, further examples of pronunciation alternatives and spelling alternatives are introduced.

‘Core’ Mini Story pages:

The sentences of the Mini Stories are always shown on writing lines throughout the series. High-frequency words, tricky words and words with unusual code (letter/s-sound correspondences) and additional (incidental) letter/s-sound correspondences are introduced via the Mini Story pages.

‘Summary pages’ in Book 8 (at the end of the book) revise and assess the content in the book:

–  Spelling Word Banks: for the /eer/ sound (eer, ir, ur, ear, wor)

–  Contractions: joining words to shorten them

–  Homophones

–  Spelling Word Banks: for the /er/ sound (er, ear, ere, ier)

–  Words for Units of Time

–  More About Time and Dates

–  Schwa /uh/ at the end of words

–  Alphabet Letters and ‘Alphabetical Order’

–  Revise the Letter/s-sound Correspondences

–  Challenge: How many picture-words can you see and spell on the front cover of this book?



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